The Huntington High School mock trial team opens the season this week against Stony Brook.

H-ton Mock Trial Team Ready for First Match

The Huntington High School mock trial team opens the season this week against Stony Brook.

February 4, 2021

After individually and collectively devoting more than 100 hours to studying this year’s statewide case and rehearsing their assigned roles, Huntington High School mock trial team members are ready for this week’s season opening match against Stony Brook.

The Blue Devils have extensively prepared for a season like no other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Arguing a case in a virtual format is much different than the traditional courtroom contests that have been held in past years. But with even the US Supreme Court moving to an online setting, the Huntington teenagers are in good company in the legal profession.

Christopher Maichin, Emily Geller, Ashley Genao, Jillian LoTurco and Angie Hernandez-Ramos are the Blue Devils’ attorneys, filling plaintiff or defense roles and making opening statements and closing arguments depending on Huntington’s assignment in the weekly competitions against opposing Suffolk high schools.

Andrea Mani-Munoz, Sophie Laserson, Dawin Preval and Ms. Hernandez-Ramos are Huntington’s plaintiff witnesses. Molly Fallon, Ms. Laserson, Mr. Maichin and Ms. Hernandez-Ramos are defense witnesses.

Legal advisors Xavier Palacios and John LoTurco have been working with the team, analyzing case materials and helping the teenager’s develop their arguments, formulate courtroom strategies and master their respective roles.

Blue Devil attorneys have been busy practicing their direct and cross examination techniques, along with their introductions and stipulations. Huntington has always featured attorneys who present enthralling opening statements and closing arguments and this year will be no different.

The teenagers on the team feel good about how far they have come during pre-season preparations and believe the Blue Devils will present a stiff challenge to every opponent.

Huntington High School business teacher Suzi Biagi is the team’s faculty advisor. Students interested in participating in the program can send Ms. Biagi a message at The team welcomes new members at any time.