Huntington High School junior Robert Brown (2)

Junior Robert Brown Interested in Career as Surgeon

Huntington High School junior Robert Brown

February 4, 2021

Robert Brown is enjoying his experience at Huntington High School, where the junior is engrossed in classes and sports. The teenager has many friends and he’s forged an assortment of productive relationships with teachers, too.

The junior is on the high school’s honor roll. “I am very interested in Advanced Placement Human Geography,” Mr. Brown said. “Some teachers that I enjoy learning from are Ms. [Deborah] Balducci, Mrs. [Helen] Guarino and Ms. [Suzie] Biagi.”

Mr. Brown enjoys the high school’s social scene. “Some of my closest friends are Matt Minicozzi, Anthony Silvestri, Evy Diaz-Garcia, and Arzel Lacorte,” Mr. Brown said. “Some teachers I have I really enjoyed being in their classes were Mrs. [Esmeralda] Tello, Ms. [Anna] Fabela and Mrs. [Gina] Colica.”

The teenager is well-liked by his teachers. “The biggest mentor I have had during my high school experience so far is definitely Mr. [Paul] Caleca because he is just such an awesome man,” Mr. Brown said.

The junior advises incoming freshmen to “get into clubs.” Mr. Brown plays on the Blue Devil baseball team.

“I haven’t thought about colleges,” Mr. Brown said. “I am aiming to be an arm surgeon when I am older.”

The teenager and his friends all support and encourage each other. “Robert Brown is a very respectful person,” Mr. Minicozzi said. “He always friendly towards everyone. He is a very honest person that always keeps his promise, which is why I respect him.”

Mr. Brown isn’t allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to completely ruin his time at Huntington High School. He is doing his best to navigate through it. The coming baseball season is definitely something that he is eagerly anticipating.

“My high school experience so far is good,” Mr. Brown said.