Taylor Case near the display she created to welcome back seniors.

Senior Class Members Welcomed Back to HHS

Taylor Case near the display she created to welcome back seniors.

April 7, 2021

Huntington High School senior class members will be welcomed back to full-time in person classes next week should they choose to avail themselves of the opportunity and their elected leadership is working hard to roll out the red carpet for them.

The senior class officers led by President Taylor Case created a large decorative display in the science wing near the high school cafeteria corridor. Ms. Case handwrote the names of her classmates on flowers made of construction paper.

“Taylor put a lot of work into it,” student government faculty advisor David Moriarty said. “It is really cool and it will look especially good welcoming our seniors back on April 12. The student government is working on some other fun ideas to welcome back all students on April 12 and April 19 as well.

Senior class advisors Amelia Saggese and Jordan Schessler are completely behind of the efforts of the student leaders, encouraging and aiding them every step of the way.

“The student government worked hard to make a nice decorative display in the hallway,” Ms. Case said. “We figured it would add some excitement to the school halls and also show the seniors that we’re thinking of them. The student government hopes to plan ways to welcome back our seniors. Projects and end of the year activities have been discussed. We are hoping to still find ways to incorporate as many typical senior year events into the end of the year as are safe as possible.”

Joining Ms. Case as Class of 2021 officers are Charlotte Maggio (vice president), Matthew Colavecchio (recording secretary), Bella Algieri (treasurer) and Gianna Prosseda (public relations coordinator).

J. Taylor Finley Middle School and Huntington High School students currently engaged in hybrid learning will be switched to the five-day cohort automatically on April 12 (grades 8, 9, 12) or April 19 (grades 7, 10, 11) unless they indicate otherwise. Should parents of current hybrid students wish to shift their children to fully remote, contact either Finley Principal Traci Roethel (troethel@hufsd.edu) high school Principal Brenden Cusack (bcusack@hufsd.edu) via e-mail by Thursday, April 8. Parents of students who are fully remote and who want their children to return five days should do the same.