Huntington senior Cameron Santa-Maria.

Cameron Santa-Maria Loves Everything About Huntington

Huntington senior Cameron Santa-Maria.

October 13, 2020

Cameron Santa-Maria has been making excellent use of his time at Huntington High School, where the teenager is in his senior year. He’s been involved in an assortment of co-curricular activities and volunteer community service, along with participating in the Blue Devil athletic program and taking a wide variety of courses across virtually every academic area.

Mr. Santa-Maria began planning his senior schedule last fall. He chose courses that met his current and future interests as he continues to sort through various career possibilities.

“I am looking forward to Engineering because I’ve always found the design and building of planes and buildings so fascinating and AP Environmental Science because I want to learn how to better our environment for future generations,” Mr. Santa-Maria said. “The teachers I’m looking forward to working with are Mrs. [Nicole] Cooper and Mrs. [Amelia] Saggese because I’ve had both of them in previous years and feel I will learn to the best of my ability with them.”

The teenager is a veteran of the Blue Devil football and track and field teams. He’s also been a stalwart member of Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity and Key Club chapters. “I am missing participating in these activities but hope all resumes soon,” Mr. Santa-Maria said.

The senior has been close friends with Aidan Heller, Marcus Maerz, Maison Maerz, Andrew Florvil and Luke Maffei since elementary school. Mr. Santa-Maria has been mentored by high school Spanish teacher Michael Gavilan. “He is always so enthusiastic and outgoing and he has taught me to express myself and always be happy,” the teenager said.

Along with Mr. Gavilan, business teacher Paige Furman has really hit it off with Mr. Santa-Maria. “These are two teachers who have really stood out to me during my high school career,” he said. “They have taught me stuff beyond the curriculum and have taught me how to not just to be a better student, but a better person.”

His hope for incoming freshmen? “No matter how unconventional this year might be, hopefully things will return back to normal and ninth graders will experience the same amazing experience that I did,” Mr. Santa-Maria said.

The senior is considering the University of Pittsburgh, University of South Carolina, Penn State along with many other schools. “I am currently interested in studying business and finance in college,” Mr. Santa-Maria said. “I am currently undecided on my career path, but would like to do something in the business and financial industry.”

Mr. Santa-Maria has always been viewed as an exceptional classmate and teammate. He fits in perfectly well with all the colorful personalities that comprise Huntington’s Class of 2021.

“I loved everything about being a student here and I’ve made many great friends, had many great experiences and I’m hoping that my senior year can end on a very positive note before I head off to college next fall,” Mr. Santa-Maria said.