Huntington High School junior Quincy Chery

Junior Quincy Chery Races Toward His Goals

Huntington High School junior Quincy Chery.

November 13, 2020

Quincy Chery found more than a coach in Ron Wilson. The Huntington High School junior found a family friend and mentor for life in the longtime dean of students and leader of the nationally ranked Blue Devil track and field program.

Mr. Chery is a case study in just how special a trusted mentor can be in the life of a teenager.

“Mr. Wilson has been with me since my freshman year and he encourages me to strive to do better and do great things whether it’s my physical or academic performances,” the junior said. “He brought me into the track program and he has been working with me and my family. He became close with my family and he just makes going to school a lot less stressful. I’m happy to consider him to be a part of my extended family.”

Mr. Chery runs on the Blue Devil indoor and outdoor track teams, but he’s a conscientious student, too. “I am enjoying my Advanced Placement Seminar class with Mrs. [Dianna] Cazzalino,” he said. “She has been one of my favorite teachers since I was a freshman here. I look forward to spending the rest of the year in this AP class and to all the challenges that come with it.”

The teenager’s closest friend is teammate Tyriek Mays-McKoy. “He is like a big brother to me,” Mr. Chery said. “Whether it be on the track or outside of school, we push each other to do great things and always motivate each other whenever we can.”

Mr. Chery advises incoming freshmen to “take advantage of your resources” at Huntington High School. “Find a teacher and build a relationship with them and it will make your years in high school so much easier,” he said.

The teenager is thinking about his future. “My main goal is to run track in college,” Mr. Chery said. “I would not want to be too far from home, so anywhere on the east coast. I would like to study either business or law.”

Like every Blue Devil athlete, Mr. Chery is hoping there will be interscholastic athletics this year. He is currently participating in pre-season conditioning with his teammates.

“My time in the high school has been fantastic, including the teachers, the principal and assistant principals, the deans and the athletic program,” Mr. Chery said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better high school experience than the one I have received at Huntington High School. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides here.”