Huntington High School junior Hannah Roberts

Hannah Roberts Loves the Tightknit Huntington Community

Huntington High School junior Hannah Roberts

November 10, 2020

Hannah Roberts does everything with enthusiasm. The Huntington High School junior goes about taking challenging classes, interacting with friends, classmates and teachers and participating in clubs with energy, determination and grace.

“I really have been enjoying Advanced Placement Biology,” Ms. Roberts said. “I find the content super interesting and the class is always engaging. I also look forward to working with Mr. [James] DiMeglio and getting better at playing cello.”

The teenager said her closest friend is probably her twin sister, Emily. “We do everything together and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Ms. Roberts said.

The junior has developed many productive relationships with high school faculty members. “One teacher who has helped me has been Ms. [Victoria] Garbarino,” Ms. Roberts said. “She is always there for me when I need her and she is a great teacher.”

The teenager is a very good student and she’s enjoying her classes as she discerns her college and career interests. “Ms. [Joann] Ferazi was a really great teacher for me,” Ms. Roberts said. “She believed in me and with her help I maintained a great math average the whole year.”

Ms. Roberts’ advice to incoming Huntington High School freshmen? “Worry about yourself and your own success,” she said. “There is no point in comparing yourself to others. If you’re trying your best, than that is completely good enough.”

The junior is the historian of the high school’s National History Day club. Ms. Roberts will be helping to plan and promote the initiative and help others who are developing projects.

“I am not sure about what college I would like to go to yet,” Ms. Roberts said. “I would love to stay in New York and be in the city. NYU certainly stands out to me, but I’m not sure yet. As for career interests, I’d like to go into a STEM major. I have always been interested in chemistry so maybe something in that field.”

As she continues to compile a great academic record, Ms. Roberts is also taking the time to enjoy herself, exploring her interests and having fun with her friends.

“Huntington has offered a great environment for me to grow up and thrive in,” Ms. Roberts said. “I love our tightknit community and the town in general.”