Huntington's Natural Helpers are well-trained to assist any student that needs it

Natural Helpers Continue to Press Forward

Huntington's Natural Helpers are well-trained to assist any student that needs it.

December 3, 2020

Huntington High School’s Natural Helpers have plenty to keep them busy with the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting and affecting the lives of so many students.

The high school might be in the midst of hybrid and remote learning due to the public health crisis, but students continue to face personal challenges of the sort that the Natural Helpers program was created to address with well-trained teenagers set to spring into action whenever it becomes necessary.

“Natural Helpers is made up of a group of students who have been voted by their peers and are seen as trustworthy, kind, and overall good people,” said Ryan Aguirre, who serves as the organization’s president along with Sarah Giarraputo and Angelica Hernandez. “They are the type of people who can turn a bad day into a good one. Every year we have a retreat where we train the Naturals on how to develop better listening skills and how to address different situations. We are here to help all the students at Huntington High School, no matter how great the problem.”

On so many different levels, the Natural Helpers are more important than ever, especially with so many people really struggling during pandemic.

“This year we also want to find ways to spread positivity around the halls of Huntington High School despite COVID-19,” Mr. Aguirre said. “So far we are planning to display monthly thank you cards to the different faculty and staff who have been doing a wonderful job at making sure the students are safe and doing well.

Mr. Aguirre and Ms. Giarraputo and Ms. Hernandez are joined by fell executive board member, Aaron Chin, who serves as the group’s secretary.

For more information about the Natural Helpers program contact faculty advisor Robert Gilmor III at