Principal Scott Oshrin (right) and Howard Quinn with Southdown Splash Award recipients.

Southdown Awards Assembly Focuses on Mindfulness

Principal Scott Oshrin (right) and Howard Quinn with Southdown Splash Award recipients.

November 6, 2019

Southdown Primary School recently held its monthly Splash Awards assembly in the gym. It was a fun experience for everyone, but it also contained a very important learning component.

Teacher Pamela Schwarting led the full-school assembly. “The assembly’s focus was on mindfulness activities,” Principal Scott Oshrin said. “Students were taught specific breathing strategies to use to help maintain a calm body. We also showed a video of two kindergarten students using the new sensory path.”

Southdown also honored its Stars of the Month with Splash Awards, which is entirely fitting and proper since the school’s mascot is a dolphin. Students were recognized for their overall effort and performance in classrooms and all around the building and grounds

October’s Splash Award recipients include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: Ernande Geneus

Kindergarten: Alexis Nasifoglu, Anastasia Calderon, Gemma Hoffman, Madison Santoro, Peyton Mendreski

First Grade: Andy Ticas Prado, Amora Ingram, Shaun Oswald, Denisse Vidal-Villalba

Second Grade: Katherine Gooch, Stephan Pagan, Brayan Caballero Reyes

Third Grade: Maylin Alfaro Perez, Billy Oliva, Zoe Chiclacos

Teacher aide Howard Quinn was recognized as Southdown’s staff Splash Award winner. “Mr. Quinn has been an aide at Southdown for a few years now,” Mr. Oshrin said. “He has a calm and gentle demeanor. This is his first year as a kindergarten aide. He seems to be right at home.”

Students that ride on bus No. 3 were also saluted for their exceptional behavior to and from school each day. Mr. Oshrin said he plans to reward the youngsters with a special prize.