Huntington High School senior Patrick Langton

Senior Patrick Langton is Always Ready for a Challenge

Huntington High School senior Patrick Langton

November 4, 2019

Patrick Langton goes about his business without a lot of showmanship. The Huntington High School senior is a hardworking young man who regularly challenges himself. He gets along well with his classmates and teammates and takes pride in everything he does.

The senior’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Calculus BC, AP Micro/Macro Economics, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, Spanish 5 Honors, Bible Literature and wood shop.

Mr. Langton put last summer’s vacation to good use by interning at a civil engineering firm. "I'm in the middle of my college application process and I look forward to how things will unfold in the months ahead,” he said.

The teenager plans to pursue studies in mechanical engineering. “I like designing and making things,” Mr. Langton said. He has thrived in the academic areas that are essential to success in the field of engineering.

A member of Huntington’s varsity football team, Mr. Langton has spent long hours training with the Blue Devil gridiron team. Once January rolls around, he will be thoroughly immersed in the high school robotics team’s 2020 season.

A member of the Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society and Social Studies Honor Society, Mr. Langton is Huntington Robotics’ head mechanical technician. It’s a challenging position that requires exquisite problem-solving skills, but the teenager has the knowledge and creativity to fill the role well.

Mr. Langton volunteers with Huntington High School’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. He is an asset to every organization that he’s involved with and is a contributing member in all of his classes.

As he looks back at his time in Huntington, Mr. Langton is pleased with how his experience has unfolded. “It’s great here,” he said.