Huntington junior Lucas Kelly.

Lucas Kelly Coasts through Huntington High School

Huntington junior Lucas Kelly.

February 15, 2019

Lucas Kelly is in the midst of a wonderful run through Huntington High School, where the junior is engrossed in his classes, clubs and other activities both in the building and in the community.

Reliable, artistic and funny, Mr. Kelly came to Huntington UFSD as a third grader, transferring into Flower Hill School from St. Patrick’s. He has been making his mark here ever since.

The junior’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement US History, AP Human Geography, Algebra II, English 11, Spanish IV, Philosophy, Advanced Photography and Physics.

The junior has especially enjoyed studying this year with social studies teacher Kenneth Donovan and art teacher Pamela Piffard.

The teenager’s closest friends include Aniyah Toro, Ava Waxenberg and Paige Mangan. He’s a well-liked, amiable and friendly young man who is impressive on every level.

Mr. Kelly volunteers at Tri-CYA in Huntington Station. He’s in the high school debate club, environmental club and Key Club and he’s been inducted into the Social Studies Honor Society. A student government administrative assistant, the teenager is a contributing writer for The Dispatch, the high school’s student newspaper.

The junior is doing very well academically. Mr. Kelly has earned a spot on the Huntington High School Honor Roll. He’s a valued member of his classes and the work he produces is first rate.

Mr. Kelly has done some exciting traveling with visits to Canada, London, Paris and Italy. He’s always ready to go on an adventure near or far. The future certainly includes more travels.

Although he is only a junior, Mr. Kelly has been thinking about what will follow his graduation, including possible college landing spots and potential careers. He’s weighing pros and cons, delving through available materials and information and evaluating it all. When it comes time to make a decision, he will be well-equipped

“Right now, I am thinking of Baruch, Hunter or Stony Brook,” Mr. Kelly said. “Those are the top three in no order. As far as a career path, the jury is still out. I am thinking of studying finance, however I have a passion for political theory and international governmental systems. Whether I can make that love into a career is something I need to figure out. Another path is journalism. This year, I have begun to love writing and reporting. Speaking truth to power is something I may want to pursue.”

Mr. Kelly is one of those people who you get the sense will always land on his feet. He’s resourceful, intelligent and well-spoken and he works hard. Wherever college he ends up attending and regardless of the career field he chooses, it is a safe bet to assume he will ultimately find success.

“Huntington has taught me many lessons about people and what it takes to achieve personal success,” Mr. Kelly said. “I am sure I’ll take all of what I’ve learned into the real world. I am looking forward to my senior year.”