Jefferson Primary School has been honored for its student achievement. (Darin Reed photo.)

Jefferson School Recognized for its Achievement

Jefferson Primary School has been honored for its student achievement. (Darin Reed photo.)

April 3, 2019

Jefferson Primary School has been cited for the achievement of its economically disadvantaged students.

Led by Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide, Jefferson was identified by Better Outcomes Research as being in the top one-fifth of the 1,055 public schools that have 40 percent or more economically disadvantaged youngsters among its student body.

Jefferson Primary School Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide. (Darin Reed photo)
Jefferson Primary School Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide. (Darin Reed photo)

Based in Hartsdale, New York, Better Outcomes conducts educational research and engages in consulting aimed at boosting the achievement level of traditionally underperforming demographic groups and closing achievement gaps between students.

Better Outcomes Research Executive Director Dr. Manya C. Bouteneff recently informed Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky of the good news concerning Jefferson School.

“Better Outcomes research has been conducting a three year study of high-performing, high-poverty schools,” she said in a letter to the district. “Our research identifies the factors to which principals attribute their success. This information can help other schools learn how to be successful with this vulnerable population.”

Jefferson and the other schools earning the award all had at least 32 percent of its economically disadvantaged students score a 3 or 4 and 72 percent of all economically disadvantaged students score at least a 2 on the 2018 state English Language Arts test.

“The focus on the whole child and all children is not lost on any of our schools, no less at Jefferson,” Mr. Polansky said. “Ms. Capitulo-Saide and members of the Jefferson school community should take great pride in their efforts, which has led to this accomplishment for now two years consecutively.”

Located on Oakwood Road in Huntington, Jefferson Primary School opened in September 1962. Its first principal was J. Allen Matthews, who remained as the building’s educational leader through June 1967.

Jefferson School currently serves students in grades K-4 but has housed grades K-6 during its more than 56 years of service to the community.

“Congratulations to the Jefferson Primary School community for being recognized as a high performing school that is significantly boosting the achievement of our economically disadvantaged students,” Ms. Capitulo-Saide said. “We are proud to be recognized for the second year in a row as a school that is making far more academic progress for students from one year to the next compared to students with similar proficiency levels at other schools in the state. It is testimony to the hard work from our teachers and staff that is helping to close the achievement gap for all of our learners. As a school, we have made a significant commitment to ensuring educational equity and high quality instruction that provides our students with access to challenging content, thereby improving their chances of success.”