Washington's Family Engagement Night was a fun time for everyone
Washington's Family Engagement Night was a fun time for everyone 

Fun Activities at Washington Family Engagement Night

February 12, 2024

Washington Primary School families recently enjoyed an engaging evening of interactive activities during February Family Engagement Night. It was fun for everyone as students took the lead and left their parents to marvel.

The Washington School gym came alive for Family Engagement Night

The art and math activities were coordinated by teachers Nick Matarazzo and Leticia Cuthbertson. Washington faculty members facilitated the action at individual stations.

Families engaged in four interactive art stations and three interactive math stations. “This was a fun and interactive way to explore math concepts and practice art skills with our families,” Washington Principal Michelle Richards said.

Art stations included still life drawing; comic book pop out; jewelry making and photography.

Math stations featured a variety of fun games and intellectual exercises focused on the state’s Next Generation Math Learning Standards, including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and were tailored to the students’ respective grade. “Through these simple and enjoyable games, parents gained easy and effective strategies to enhance their children’s math fluency,” Dr. Richards said.

The fast paced evening left everyone feeling invigorated, even after a long day. Dozens of Washington students attended the evening along with one or more of their parents.

The next Family Engagement Night at Washington Primary School is scheduled for Thursday, March 14. Details about the evening will be announced soon.