Registration Continues for Huntington School District
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Tri-CYA’s Martone Scholarship Presented to Hannah Maiorello

SUNY College at Oneonya bound Hannah Maiorello is this year’s recipient of the Tri-Community & Youth Agency’s...

Volunteer Science Research Mentors Needed

Huntington High School’s science research program is looking to maintain an elite level after many years of steady advancement...

Wait ‘til Next Year for Blue Devil Baseball

“Wait ‘til next year” was the traditional cry of Brooklyn Dodger fans, but it could apply to the Huntington High School varsity baseball team...

Kaitlin Dayton Captures Appliance World Scholarship

Kaitlin Dayton is one of the most generous, compassionate and understanding members of Huntington High School’s Class of 2015, just ask her classmates. The senior is headed to Fordham University where she plans to study political science and international more >>


Taylor Moreno Named MVP at Lake Placid Lax Tournament

The stage appears to be set for Taylor Moreno to have a sensational year, academically and athletically. The Huntington High School senior...

New Guidance Counselors Join Huntington Faculty

Two new guidance counselors were appointed by the Huntington School Board during the last public meeting of the trustees on Monday...

Michael Nemaric is Headed for Tulane

Michael Nemaric had a thoroughly enjoyable experience at Huntington High School over the past four years, but just like his fellow...

ATH Presents Scholarship to Sarah Kitzen

The Associated Teachers of Huntington presented a $1,000 scholarship to Huntington High School Class of 2015 member Sarah Kitzen at the senior academic awards ceremony in June...full story>>


Toles Scholarship Awarded to Caitlin Kemerson

Huntington High School Class of 2015 member Caitlin Kemerson is this year’s Joseph Toles Foundation scholarship recipient in...

Huntington School District Offers Interactive Calendar

The new school year will see the Huntington School District continuing to offer an interactive calendar, filled with important dates...

Blue Devil Sports News

After helping to spur a renaissance for the Huntington High School golf program, four Blue Devil seniors have been recognized with....

Kyle Meit Captures Dorothea Waddell Award

One of the top young performers in the metropolitan area, Kyle Meit feels at home on the stage. The Huntington High School Class of 2015 member captured the Dorothea Waddell Award in recognition of his superb contributions to the concert and chamber choirs and the drama club’s musical productions....full article>>


H-ton Senior Duo Wins Political Awards

They know their stuff and they love to debate. Huntington High School Class of 2015 members Meelod Wafajow and Kevin McDonald...

H-ton Senior Alexandra Koumas Named Young Leaders’ President

She’s a remarkable teenager with a long list of academic, athletic and community service honors...

Jack Flores Paces Blue Devil Boys’ Tennis

He was the youngest player on the team and he was also the best. Jack Flores showed just how much potential he has, winning All-County...

Justin Edgar-McNerney Captures Louis Armstrong Award

Justin Edgar-McNerney is a musician, among many other hats the teenager wears. A member of Huntington High School’s Class of 2015, the Northeastern University bound scholar captured the Louis Armstrong Award, which is presented annually to a sensational senior jazz musician...full article>>


Jonathan Kraft Delights in Flower Hill Principal’s Post

Jonathan Kraft just might be a born leader. The youngster has shown he is ready for any challenge and that he doesn’t get intimidated...

Blue Devils Sharpen Play in Summer Golf

Tyler Gerbavsits has used his summer vacation to sharpen his golf play. Already one of the best young players on the links in Suffolk...

New Science Teachers Appointed in Huntington

Huntington School Board members approved the appointment of five science teachers during a meeting of the trustees on August 3....

Katie Duval Captures Steve Tribus Memorial Scholarship

When Huntington School District teachers and administrators learned that retired Assistant Superintendent Steven Tribus had unexpectedly passed away on January 28, 2013, his former colleagues were stunned and more >>