Congratulations are in order for Flower Hill's Star Student Award recipients

Flower Hill School Students Flying High

Congratulations are in order for Flower Hill's Star Student Award recipients

February 9, 2021

Flower Hill Primary School likes to keep its students flying high. So Principal Lucia Laguarda, faculty and support staff members are always looking for ways to ignite the energy and enthusiasm that typically comes with being in grades K-3, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was plenty of electricity around the school when Flower Hill’s January Star Student Awards were announced. Ms. Laguarda presented the youngsters with certificates.

The outstanding students were honored for their classroom work and efforts throughout the school, both indoors and on the playground and even on the bus ride to and from the building each day. The youngster’s collaboration with teachers and fellow students really stood out in s sensational way.

January’s Star Student Award recipients included:

Kindergarten: Elizabeth Liz Inoa, Elizabeth Diaz Campos, Jack Piana

First grade: Evan Markou, Taylor Flynn, Mila Cavazos, Jonathan Hernandez Cisneros

Second grade: Edgar Lopez, Kathie Perez-Marquez, Maynor Pena Pineda, Zohan Mohammed

Third grade: Hayden Amar, Ava Bond, Mahely Ordonez Fuentes, Julian Chavez Alvarez , James Oppenheim

“It really is pleasure to recognize these fine young people for their effort, enthusiasm and achievements throughout January,” Ms. Laguarda said. “Our teachers and paraprofessional support staff members have been quite impressed with these youngsters and with so many of Flower Hill’s students, who are all working hard despite all the changes and modifications that have been made due to COVID-19.”