Huntington High School junior Felipe Villanueva

Felipe Villanueva Strives for Scholarship to Study Medicine

Huntington High School junior Felipe Villanueva

February 5, 2021

Felipe Villanueva goes through his daily activities at Huntington High School with determination and a strong sense of purpose. The junior is working hard to land a full scholarship to a top college where he hopes to study for a career in medicine.

Mr. Villanueva is an inspirational young man. His work ethic sets a shining example for his classmates and his intellectual curiosity has no limits.

“Some of the courses that interest me this year are mainly Advanced Placement Biology and Science Research because I enjoy learning about the complexity of life and conducting research to think critically about our natural world,” Mr. Villanueva said. “I’m excited to be working with Mrs. [Deborah] Beck for AP Biology and Mr. [Edward] Florea for the Huntington High School Dispatch, both of which inspire me to push myself academically.”

A member of the Huntington robotics team since last year, Mr. Villanueva plans to get involved in the community service activities of the National Honor Society, Science Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. He also hopes to join the high school’s Environmental Club.

“I always considered most of my classmates and the people who helped me the most as friends,” Mr. Villanueva said. “Most of my closest friends are from Glen Cove where I used to live before moving to Huntington and still hold a strong connection to. Growing up with them made me develop a hard work ethic early on and helped make me a well-rounded person who plays sports, values school and holds a strong relationship with friends and family. Together we helped create memories we will never forget.”

The teenager has a wonderful personality, which helps Mr. Villanueva make friends quickly. He’s kind and loyal and always prepared to help others in need.

“Though I’ve only been in Huntington for a short time, over the last few years I’ve created strong bonds with Nick DiPietro, Ethan Lovaglio, Cristian Avelar-Romero, Luke Rinaldi, Jayden Cyrise, Pablo Aparicio, Matt Minicozzi and Shane Walsh and many more,” Mr. Villanueva said.

The junior is highly regarded by the high school’s faculty. “Throughout my time at Huntington, I’ve worked well with every teacher I’ve had, but some teachers like Mrs. [Lori] Kenny, Mrs. [Jordan] Schessler, Mrs. [Lauren] Desiderio and Mr. [Edward] Florea have impacted me the most academically and as a person,” Mr. Villanueva said. “They all have inspired me to do my best and helped me set high expectations for myself to achieve many goals.”

The teenager’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? Stay on top of your work and find a balance for everything you do so you don’t stress yourself out,” Mr. Villanueva said. “Most importantly, do what interests you with no regrets because your High school years go by quickly.”

While Mr. Villanueva thinks about life beyond high school all the time, he hasn’t reached any final decisions or made any firm plans just yet.

“I don’t have a definite list of colleges,” Mr. Villanueva said. “I do dream of getting a full ride scholarship to a prestigious college that fits my interests. I do know that I have an interest in science, more specifically biology and chemistry as well as mathematics. I’d prefer to study in the medical field since I value health.”

The junior takes one day at a time and makes just about every minute count. After all, he has lofty goals that are important to him.

“My experience here at Huntington so far has been very interesting,” Mr. Villanueva said. “I’m fortunate enough to have a good relationship with my guidance counselor and teachers. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet new people and visit places I haven’t been to previously. Ultimately, I hope to capture a scholarship and accomplish any goals I have left here in Huntington. I’m excited to experience my last year with the Class of 2022!”