Huntington High School junior Ainsley Proctor

Ainsley Proctor Enjoying Exceptional Huntington Experience

Huntington High School junior Ainsley Proctor

October 16, 2020

Ainsley Proctor’s junior year at Huntington High School is off to a great start, despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed just about everything. Classmates say the teenager is an exceptional student, a great athlete and a kind, loving and considerate friend. She’s one of the shining stars in the Class of 2022 and she pursues all of her interests with enthusiasm that is contagious.

“So far, I love all my courses,” Ms. Proctor said. “I’m especially looking forward to learning more in Advanced Placement Physics, AP US History and Virtual Enterprise. I’m extremely excited to be in the Virtual Enterprise program and to work with Mrs. [Paige] Furman to expand my knowledge of the business world. I am the chief operating officer for our company, Poseidon. Our product is a shower head that tracks water usage to help people improve their water IQ.”

The teenager is also excited to be an officer in Huntington’s Key Club chapter. “This year, it’s very difficult to plan service activities due to COVID, since we are such a large club,” Ms. Proctor said. “But, we are all finding ways to assist the community and be safe while doing so.”

A high school Natural Helper, Ms. Proctor said she “looks forward to getting closer with the other members, as well as learning new ways to help my friends and family with any adversities they may face.”

A member of the Spanish Honor Society and English Honor Society, Ms. Proctor is in line to be inducted into several other academic honor societies this year. She has been excelling academically.

“I am elated that our sports season is still going to continue, since I play lacrosse and swim,” Ms. Proctor said. “Even though it’s delayed further than anticipated, it’s still exciting to be playing.”

Participating in a long list of extracurricular activities has provided the teenager with an opportunity to get to know and become friends with a wide range of people. “The high school’s student body is so diverse and is so accepting, therefore I have many new friends,” Ms. Proctor said.

Among Ms. Proctor’s inner circle of friends are Regan Sansiviero, Tallulah Pitti, and Rachel Deegan. She’s an upbeat, enthusiastic presence in everyone’s life.

The junior has worked well with the high school’s faculty members. “Ms. [Jordan] Schessler, my ninth grade geometry teacher, has mentored me into being a stronger student and better person and she has helped me over the years with not only math, but with any other issues as well.”

The teenager is “also extremely close” with Mrs. Furman. “She’s not only helped me with many business classes I have taken, but she is very trustworthy and I am confident I can come to her with anything.”

Ms. Proctor is especially happy when she’s in uniform and on a lacrosse field. She plays for the Blue Devils as well as for Team Elevate, an elite Long Island lacrosse organization. She hopes to continue with the sport beyond high school.

“My advice to freshmen is to never give up,” Mr. Proctor said. “It sounds cliché, but no matter what the issue is, there are always staff members who can help you through it. Whether it’s with the school work itself, or any type of social and emotional issue, friends and teachers can always be a hand to hold. The students and staff at Huntington are so supportive and will help with anything you’re struggling with.”

As she continues to work hard in and out of the classroom and in lacrosse, Ms. Proctor is carefully considering her college options and expanding her academic and career interests.

“My goal is to play lacrosse in college at a top-tier academic school. I always thought that I wanted to studying something in the STEM field, but taking Virtual Enterprise this year has changed my perspective,” Ms. Proctor said. “Both the business and STEM fields are equally intriguing and I can’t wait for college so I can experience them both.”

In the midst of a great run, the junior is taking advantage of all the opportunities that have been coming her way, from AP courses and the Virtual Enterprise business program to sports and clubs and the chance to make a difference in the community with the Key Club and with her classmates as a Natural Helper.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been exceptional,” Ms. Proctor said. “The new friends I have made has changed my perspective on everything. The staff members and teachers I’ve had previously have been so supportive of everything I have done. I love all the extracurriculars the high school has to offer and I am disappointed that I eventually have to leave.”