Huntington High School junior Christopher Maichin

H-ton Junior Christopher Maichin Sets His Sights High

Huntington High School junior Christopher Maichin

October 8, 2020

Christopher Maichin is an exceptional young man who has set his sights very high and works incredibly hard to accomplish his goals. The Huntington High School junior is bright, articulate and well-read and his drive and determination are second to none.

Mr. Maichin has his sights set on some of the top universities in the country and he has quietly been compiling an excellent academic and well-rounded extracurricular record that is sure to make him an attractive candidate for any school.

“This year, I’m taking Advanced Placement Biology AP English Language and Composition, AP Spanish, AP US History, Pre-Calculus Honors and Virtual Enterprise,” Mr. Maichin said. “I am especially looking forward to both Virtual Enterprise and AP US History. History has always been my favorite subject and after two great years with Mrs. [Lauren] Desiderio in AP World history, I am excited to re-visit and learn about US history with Mr. [Kenneth] Donovan. I am also really excited for Virtual Enterprise this year. We have a really great company and I believe we can do really well with it.”

Mr. Maichin is a three-year veteran of Huntington High School’s highly regarded mock trial team. “I have been a witness for the past two years and plan on stepping into more of a leadership role as an attorney this year,” he said. “It was really disappointing to have our season cancelled right before playoffs last year, especially with a senior class that I knew could lead us to a state championship. Although those seniors will be missed this year, we have a great group that can bring the same level of grit, determination and talent as in years past.”

The teenager was recently named co-president of the high school’s National History Day Club, a title he shares with classmate Ally Kustera. “Although due to COVID-19 the National History Day contest will be much different his year, the entire club is remaining committed to assisting students with their projects as well as facilitating an appreciation of learning about history throughout Huntington,” Mr. Maichin said.

The junior counts Emily Geller, Robert Smith, Grace Agrillo and Jack O’Brien as among his closest friends. Mr. Maichin has played in the Blue Devil basketball and lacrosse programs and earned a reputation as a can-do type of guy.

Mr. Maichin’s sister, Abby was one of the stars of Huntington’s Class of 2020. She was recruited to play lacrosse at Notre Dame and also garnered All-County honors with the Blue Devil girls’ basketball team.

“I have always been interested in following in my sister’s footsteps to the University of Notre Dame,” Mr. Maichin said. “But as I go through the college search process, I am realizing there are also so many great places with amazing opportunities and I look forward to continuing to learn about them. As for my career, I want to become an entrepreneur and create my own company. From there I would love to go into politics and run for Congress.”