Huntington High School junior Sophia Toscano

Junior Sophia Toscano Loves Huntington UFSD

Huntington High School junior Sophia Toscano

November 30, 2020

Sophia Toscano loves being a Huntington High School junior. She enjoys interacting with the faculty and staff and feels at home in the building and in the community, where she has been thriving. The teenager displays an uplifting enthusiasm that has helped make her very well-liked by her classmates.

Although she is only a junior, Ms. Toscano is already investigating colleges with nursing programs. “I’m certain I want to be a nurse in the future so I’m looking at colleges such as Sacred Heart and the University of Connecticut,” she said.

Ms. Toscano earns very good grades and she takes her classes seriously, giving each of them the attention they deserve and demand. She’s respected by her teachers and widely regarded as a hard worker and articulate young woman who enjoys expressing herself.

“I’m definitely looking forward to taking a creative writing class,” Ms. Toscano said. “I’ve always loved writing essays and stories in general, so I’m excited to take a class that is centered around that.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic has placed restrictions on just about everything around Huntington High School, Ms. Toscano is still determined to have a great junior year.

“I plan to continue to get more involved in the Key Club, where I’m currently the publicist, along with the English Honor Society and hopefully the National Honor Society, which I recently applied to,” Ms. Toscano said.

The junior’s closest friends include Morgan Colleluori, Emma Brendel and Alexis Kaloudis. “They’ve played main roles in making me who I am today and I couldn't ask for anyone better to hang-out with.”

“Sofia has one of the best personalities of anyone I’ve ever met,” Ms. Brendel said. “She can make friends with anyone and give anyone a good laugh or put a smile on their face no matter the mood they’re in. She’s also very understanding and always puts herself in others shoes before jumping to conclusions. Overall, she’s an amazing friend who I don’t know what I’d do without! She’s genuinely a person who’s made my life better.”

Ms. Toscano hopes to be able to play on the Blue Devil volleyball and softball teams this year. That’s not a given at the moment, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, but she is optimistic.

“Sophia is one of my best friends and one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet,” Ms. Colleluori said. “She never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face and being around her always brightens up my day. She’ll never hesitate to do anything for her family and friends. I really love that about her.”

The teenager has surrounded herself with a great group of young people. “Sophia is one of my best friends,” Ms. Kaloudis said. “She is a really kind and understanding person who is always there for me when I need her. She’s extremely hilarious and adds a ton of humor to my life. Sophia is also a really hard worker and deserves everything she’s earned, like her job and her officer position in Key Club. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend.”

The junior said she has enjoyed “positive relationships” with teachers Kristin Fortunato and Aimee Antorino. “Although I’m not in their classes any longer, I know I’ll always be welcome in their classrooms,” Ms. Toscano said.

The teenager is a lively and energetic presence in all of her classes. “The teacher who has most stood out to me over the years would have to be Mrs. Fortunato,” Ms. Toscano said. “I’ve known her for years now and she’s always been a strong female role model for my classmates and I, considering all the hard work she puts in for Huntington schools whether it be for yearbook club or her language classes.”

The junior’s advice to Huntington High School’s ninth graders? “I think it’s important for incoming freshmen to have confidence and curiosity,” Ms. Toscano said. “Huntington has a lot to offer and students should take advantage of it.”

While she already has her eyes on potential colleges and a nursing career, Ms. Toscano has much more to accomplish at the high school and in the community and many fun days ahead.

“I love Huntington UFSD and am glad I got to be a part of the community,” Ms. Toscano said. “Huntington’s staff offers tremendous support to their students and they truly want to see us succeed in the future. The environment is extremely comforting and welcoming. Although COVID-19 is keeping us all apart, Huntington staff members are working hard to find a solution that works best for their students, which my peers and I really appreciate.”