Principal Lucia Laguarda with Flower Hill School's Star Student Award recipients.

Flower Hill School’s Stars are Celebrated

Principal Lucia Laguarda with Flower Hill School's Star Student Award recipients.

November 14, 2019

Flower Hill Primary School’s Star Student Award recipients for October are a very proud group of youngsters. They like attention, just like every other student in the building and they enjoy getting a pat on the back for a job well done.

Flower Hill Principal Lucia Laguarda recognized the award winners with certificates and a commemorative photo. The youngsters sure did impress the teachers and support staff members who found the honorees to be especially hardworking, responsible and respectful as well as being kind and considerate.

The award recipients include:

Kindergarten: Benjamin Gleason, Madison Rodgers, Grace Bergmann

First grade: Eva Alfaro, Autumn Moskowitz, Selimah Dease

Second grade: Bradley Burke, Ruby Richter, Angie-Perlita Ramos Alejandro, John Pinto IV, Manuelle Hernandez Colon

Third grade: Lizmarie White, Harper Cohn, Matthew Krull, Diego Ortiz Moreira, Elena Prior, Celia LoPorto

Flower Hill honors its top students every month. It’s a way or recognizing the hard work and fine performance of youngsters across each of the four grade levels housed at the school. The recognition program encourages students to do the “right thing” and keeps them motivated. After all, is there any youngster that doesn’t like to receive a pat on the back?

The name of each honoree was read over Flower Hill’s public address system. The award winners filed down to the main office and received certificates. They later posed for a group photo with Ms. Laguarda before a large hallway mural.