Huntington High School junior Alex Bellissimo

H-ton’s Alex Bellissimo Sparkles Among the Class of 2021

Huntington High School junior Alex Bellissimo

November 7, 2019

Alex Bellissimo is an exceptional young man who excels at everything he decides to pursue. The Huntington High School junior is one of the top students in the Class of 2021 and he’s a marvelous athlete, too.

The teenager plays on the Blue Devil varsity football and baseball teams and is a member of the high school’s National Honor Society, English Honor Science, Italian Honor Society and Science Honor Society chapters.

The teenager volunteers with Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and he hopes to travel with the group on an out of state build trip during the mid-winter vacation. He’s also a member of the high school’s Key Club.

Mr. Bellissimo is currently enrolled in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, AP Statistics, AP US History, AP Chemistry, Italian 4 Honors and Pre-Calculus Honors.

The junior got his start in Huntington UFSD as a kindergartener at Jefferson Primary School. He has shined every step of the way, earning top grades and developing into a standout athlete.

Mr. Bellissimo is interested in Duke University, Johns Hopkins and Northeastern. “I most likely want to major in and pursue a career in engineering, but I am still thinking about the specific field of engineering I want to do,” he said.

Asked to name an all-time favorite teacher, Mr. Bellissimo hesitated and then said “that’s a tough one.” Fact is that he has excelled in all of his classes and hit it off with just about every teacher.

“I’ve had many great teachers over the years,” the teenager said. “If I had to choose [a favorite] it would be Mrs. [Deborah] Beck from my AP Biology class in tenth grade. It was a difficult class, but she was a great teacher and allowed me to understand the topics we learned and to do very well in the class overall. She was also one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had and made the class very interesting.”

An all-around good guy, Mr. Bellissimo said his closest friends are Jaden Italiano and Brenden Abedin. He’s a valued classmate and teammate and fits in perfectly at the high school where teachers respect and admire him.

“Alex is a hardworking, sincere and successful student,” Mrs. Beck said. “He is mature beyond his years. He managed the work load and challenge of AP Biology with seeming ease and a smile on his face. He is a student athlete who excels in the classroom and on the field. I know Alex will succeed at any endeavor because of his passion, his intelligence, and his humble demeanor.”

Mr. Bellissimo plays cornerback for the Blue Devil varsity football team and is expecting to play a leading role on Huntington’s varsity baseball squad. Extremely versatile, he can play second base, shortstop, outfield and pitcher. “It depends on the situation and who is pitching,” head coach Billy Harris said. “He might play three different positions in a three game series. He’s a very important player and leadoff hitter with tremendous speed.”

As he goes about his business around the high school, Mr. Bellissimo does so with class. “I’ve had a very positive experience in Huntington with school, sports and friends and I’m enjoying all aspects of it,” he said.