The 2019 Huntington High School junior varsity field hockey team.

Blue Devil JV Field Hockey Builds for Future

The 2019 Huntington High School junior varsity field hockey team.

November 1, 2019

The Huntington High School junior varsity field hockey team was competitive throughout the fall season. The Blue Devils won some and lost some, but even when they fell short, it was typically by a single goal. They probably had more games decided by one goal than just about any other team in the county.

First year head coach Claudia Maimone led the team, which was captained by Erin Scanlon, Kathryn Sanseviro, Lauren Holly and Leda Roldan.

“It was a fantastic group of girls who showed up each and every day ready to play and learn,” Maimone said. “I think everyone will return.”

Scanlon (center defense), Laura Curtin (forward), Grace Allen (center midfield), Brooke Parks (center forward) and Rachel Morina (defense) were Huntington’s top players. Curtin led all scorers with four goals. Speedy freshman midfield Kaci McDonald also shined.

“Erin Scanlon was the ultimate defender, stopping any ball in her path,” Maimone said. “Grace Allen is a smart player who knew what to do with the ball. Brooke Parks is a skillful player who is outperforming her age. Rachel Morina was able to influence any play she was a part of. She is a speed demon. Laura is a smart player who was able to take quick shots and help run the offense.”

The highlight of the season came when Huntington battled highly regarded Commack to a 1-1 stalemate. “We played like a true team and did not allow a talented team to intimidate us,” Maimone said. “Instead we leveled up and influenced the game with our skill and composure.”

While Maimone and the team’s players surely wish Huntington had won a few more games, they are also pleased that they gave just about every opponent on the schedule a tough battle. Everyone is already looking forward to next fall’s campaign.