Student government elections have been held at Finley Middle School and Huntington High School for 2019-20.

Student Government Officers in Place for 2019-20

Student government elections have been held at Finley Middle School and Huntington High School for 2019-20.

June 13, 2019

Huntington High School and J. Taylor Finley Middle School students recently cast ballots for 2019/20 student government positions. The organizations are all set for the new school year.

Teachers David Moriarty and Danielle Raguzin are the school-wide student government faculty advisors. Individual class advisors will be appointed by the Huntington School Board during one of its upcoming meetings.

Chris Mavrogian is Huntington High School's student government president-elect.
Chris Mavrogian is Huntington High School's student government president-elect.

The school-wide GO will be led by Christopher Mavrogian (president), Gabriel Medina-Jaudes (vice president), Paul Katigbak (treasurer), Natalie Ciccone (recording secretary) and Lucas Kelly (public relations coordinator).

“I’m really looking forward to improving the spirit of the high school as a whole,” Mr. Mavrogian said “Mr. Moriarty and the GO officers have come up with a lot of effective ideas to bring everyone in the school together and make it a more exciting environment. We want to give students more reason to come. I also want to work closely with the freshmen officers especially during homecoming and set a precedent so that future GO presidents make sure to take care of the freshmen properly.”

The Class of 2020 will be led by seniors Daniela Ramos (president), Julien Rentsch (vice president), Oskar Kilgour (treasurer), Neil Jean-Baptiste (recording secretary) and Steli Vlahos (public relations coordinator).

“I wanted to run for president because I wanted to be able to make a change,” Ms. Ramos said. “Although one doesn’t necessarily have to become president in order to make a change, I felt that it was an opportunity to learn how to become a leader who dares to make change happen no matter where you come from. We are all humans and I believe that we are all different, yet equal. I want to hear everyone’s opinion. For example, what types of activities do people think we should have that will involve everyone? I want to know what everyone feels we should keep doing or stop. At Huntington High School we are very fortunate to be a very diverse school with many different cultures. What better way to socialize than by sharing our differences?”

The Class of 2021 will be led by juniors Isaiah James (president), Taylor Case (vice president), Jorge Parada-Cisneros (treasurer), John Holly (recording secretary) and Charlotte Maggio (public relations coordinator).

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to represent my classmates and help make 2019/20 both a successful and fun academic year for us upcoming juniors. I want to start off the year by leading the junior class to victory for the best Homecoming Day parade float. Roll 2021!”

The Class of 2022 will be led by sophomores Teddi Carnesi (president), Victoria Mangan (vice president), Cassidy Casabona (treasurer), Erin Ye (recording secretary) and Katie Browne (public relations coordinator).

“As president, I want to get everyone more involved with school spirit and taking part in activities,” Ms. Carnesi said. “I joined student council because I saw it as a super fun way to get involved and take on a big responsibility to prepare me for the future. I have a great class to work with. I can’t wait to create an awesome three years to come.”

The Class of 2023 will be led by freshmen Rachel Morina (president), Ella Kamestein (vice president), Mackenzie Ahern (treasurer), Neha Rathore (co-secretary), Leah Sheran (co-secretary) and Leigh Hepworth (public relations coordinator).

Finley’s eighth grade (Class of 2024) lineup of officers will include Chloe Hunt (president), Mia Thompson (vice president), Jake Amend (treasurer) and Stephanie Reyes (secretary).